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Why Cheap Laser Engraving Machines are a Waste of Money

Looking to buy a laser engraving machine?  What’s your budget?  Thinking of buying a cheap one?  Are there problems associated with a more inexpensive laser engraving machine? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before investing your money one cheaper equipment.

What are laser engraving machines?

Laser engraving is one of the best technologies for craftspeople, DIY fans, and entrepreneurs.  The machines are used to transfer art, lettering, or design onto a versatile range of materials. There are limitless possibilities for what a laser engraver can create.

Buying a laser engraver machine should be excised with some caution. Why? Spending your hard earned cash for a cheaper model can end up costing you more or lower the quality of the engraving.  Nevertheless, not all laser engraving machines are made equal, and even the cheapest models cost a hundred dollars.  It’s crucial to undertake your purchase wisely in a high-quality machine that will last.

Are cheap laser engraving machines worth the hundreds of dollars? How they’re different from professional and industrial quality units? Click here!

Expensive Vs. Cheap Laser Engravers – What’s The Difference?

Laser engraving machines are available at a wide range of prices. What accounts for these massive differences in prices?  High end laser engravers are compatible with most types of software and design files important. An expressive piece contains durable parts and won’t break often.  Additionally, they use potent lasers that can cut through diverse material, performing at a precise and fast speed.

The high-end laser engraving system comes with a comprehensive service package and manufacturer warranties that protect a user from costly repairs in case of significant malfunction. It also comes with convenient and useful features making it easier to operate.

Foreign factories mostly make cheaper laser engravers; low-skill workers cobble together and make of cheap plastic materials. Most of the parts are often 3D printed from low-cost plastic, and a weaker laser is used to save on costs.

A cheaper doesn’t come with a warranty, rarely supplies replacement parts in case of breakdown or significant malfunction.  They end up using more inexpensive alternative design software, and the end design work is below average. 

What Are The Most Common Issues With Cheap Laser Engraving Machines?

A cheaper laser engraver will break no sooner, and more shortcomings include:

  • Doesn’t cut some material,
  • Laser not powerful enough,
  • Laser Not Powerful Enough
  • Laser Produces Excessive Scorching
  • Software, Incompatible with Life
  • Laser Engraver Breaks Constantly

Should You Buy A Cheap Laser Engraving Machine?

The first step to realizing the truth about cost verse quality! A laser engraver is a very sophisticated piece of machine, and you shouldn’t expect a great result from a cheaper technology. You can still get quality laser engraving through renting or collective ownership.  Paying by the hour to use high quality laser engraver is smart rather than buying a cheaper machine.

Renting allows you to access genuine, the start of the art machine with full compatibility and all the features needed to handle any engraving for just a few bucks an hour.


Deciding on how much to spend on laser engraving machine comes down to a question of cost verse quality. Another user’s a thing of price versus value, and just because a device is inexpensive, doesn’t mean it’s worth your hard-earned money. A high quality laser engraver results in excellent engraving, and you will never want to consider cheap one again. For more details read our article:

What is a Laser Cutter and How Does it Work?

Laser cutting technology is mostly used in the manufacturing sectors by engineers and designers although this is becoming increasingly popular amongst small businesses, schools and hobbyists alike. Laser cutters have a lot of benefits and applications and in this article, I would be talking about what a laser cutter is and how it does work.

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser Cutting is the process whereby a laser beam is used for cutting and piercing through materials so as to cut out complex shapes, patterns, and geometries that have been specified by designers. The materials that can be cut using a laser cutter range from light materials like clothes, paper, and wood to tougher ones such as metals and gemstones. Laser cutters help to deliver an accurate and smooth finish due to the high level of control that it offers. Check here!

Types of Laser Cutters

There are three main types of laser cutters; fiber laser cutters, CO2 laser cutters, and the crystal laser cutters.

Fiber Laser Cutter

Fiber lasers belong to the solid state group and are made from “seed laser” which is amplified using special pump diodes and glass fibers. These lasers are mostly employed in the laser marking processes. They can be used to cut both metal and non-metal materials such as plastics and metals. Fiber lasers are cheaper to maintain and they tend to last longer compared to other types.

CO2 Lasers

This type of laser is the most commonly used of the three types of lasers that we have, this is due to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and they can be used to cut a wide variety of materials.

Crystal Laser Cutters

There are two types of lasers used in this process; the neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (nd: YAG) and the neodymium-doped yttrium ortho-vanadate (nd: YVO). These crystals have a wavelength of about 1.064mm which makes them suitable to cut both metals and non-metals. Crystal laser cutters are costly to maintain as they are made from expensive pump diodes which cost a lot to replace. To find out more, check out

How Does a Laser Cutter Work?

Laser cutters can cut metal with high temperatures and make complex shapes but how do these lasers work exactly? Well, it starts with the use of two mirrors; a gain medium and a light source. Light enters the gain medium and excites the atoms inside to a higher state, after a while the atom would drop back down to the original state to emit a photon. The photon then creates a chain reaction which makes the other excited atoms emit their photons; soon we have a bunch of photons bouncing back and forth between these two layers. Since when the mirrors do not have a reflectivity of 100% some of the photons will pass through and create a laser. Now, that is a general concept of how lasers work.

Laser cutting is a very reliable and accurate cutting process and its benefits cannot be overemphasized. Laser cutters can cut precise shapes into metal with the use of laser beam machining in ways the traditional machining processes cannot that’s the beauty of lasers.

Information about a Laser Engraving Machine


Laser engraving is one of the newest technologies that have been there for a short period of time. It is one of the best designing methods that most people use today because it is known to be accurate and at the same time clean.  2-D and 3-D are the standard and highest quality and this is in terms of the etching and laser cutting. Laser engraving machines play a very important roles and more especially in designing objects using lasers.  Some of the main things that are using in the laser engraving machines are the novel metal alloys and the laser-sensitive polymers.  Here are some of the things that you have to look for in order to get quality laser equipment.

1.      Epilog company website

The epilog company website can assist you to get the best laser engraving machine. These equipments come in a three tier range starting with the tier series to an advanced level known as the Fiber Mark level. The good thing about the starter series is that it has the ability to fit in high-level recreational. Some of the things that can make the laser engrave machine to function effectively are the level of production, range and size of materials. This makes it easy for the system to cut and engrave easily without any problem. Learn more!

2.   High definition of quality

The needs of a company should be considered when looking for the best laser engraving machine.  The range of materials that the laser engraver is able to cut matters a lot and that is why you need to do a thorough research before purchasing one. Companies that have a high production unit are supposed to go for the top of the range fiber series. The reason for this is because they have the ability to cut and the same time engraves all types and kinds of metals. The laser etching devices are made in a way so that they are compatible with all kinds of computers and they are freely compatible. Most of these devices are compatible with any existing software including Coral DRAW and ADOBE design program.

3.     The cost of the laser engraving machines

It is very important to look at the cost of a laser before deciding to buy it. This will help you to budget well and know the amount of money that you have set aside to buy the laser engraving machine.  Laser engraving machines can be expensive but what you need to know is that the quality that they bring cannot be compared to their price. If you want to purchase a high quality laser engraving machine ensure you have around 60,000 to 70, 000 dollars. If you want a laser engraving machine of lower quality ensure you have around 10,000 to 12, 000 dollars.

The fiber laser cutting machine is another very important type of machine that you should not forget to look at when looking for the best machine to buy. A laser engraving device comes with its particulars there will be no much gamble when operating it. You can know more at

Laser Cutting Vs Water Jet Cutting

There’s much debate over whether a laser cutting or water jet cutting machine should be used. It’s easy to see why there’s so much debating. Both machines have something to offer and they do more or less the same sort of job! However, which is going to be the right one for you? That’s a tough call to make because it really comes down to the type of task is at hand. There are some jobs which are ideal for lasers and others which need the water jet machines instead. The trick is to understand a little more of what they can offer.

Precision and No Cleaning With Laser Machines

Water jet machines are absolutely fantastic. They are excellent to use and offer a nice and simple way to handle many tasks; however, a laser machine might just have the edge at times. Why? Well, one major talking point is the type of precision given with the laser machines. For example, the precision can be right on the money, perfect without any need to wait for it to be used. What is more, water jet cutting might have to require cleaning after whereas the laser cutting methods don’t really require anything like that.

Saves Time on Small and Large Projects

Another important factor to consider is how long it takes to carry out each task. For small and large projects you want to get through them fast but effectively and it’s not as difficult as you might believe. With the laser cutting machine you can find this takes very little time and that’s ideal to say the least. With a water jet cutting machine it can still occur fairly fast but it might not be as quick as with the laser. That is why there are now more and more using lasers than ever before.

Which Should You Choose?

It’s hard to know which cutting method is best because they both have something to offer. However, it’s important to take a moment to think about what you actually need done. What will be easier for you to use and what will be more effective? If you can answer these questions then it will be far easier to understand which machine you need. Water jet cutting is good but it doesn’t work for every project and it’s the same with a laser machine, it’s good but might not suit every project. Lasers tend to be more popular because it’s easier to use and often easier to obtain too; however, it’s a personal choice.

Make an Informed Decision

Laser and water jet cutting presents a major headache with many as they don’t know which to choose. It really comes down to personal choice and what tasks you’re handling. Of course, it’s easier to make a choice when you learn a little more about both and find which will suit your projects best. It’s important to take the time to look at what each has to offer so that you can make an informed decision. Laser cutting is a great option but so too is water jet cutting; look at what they both have to offer and make a decision.

see more:

What is the best value – plasma, laser, or waterjet?

What do you value? A customer recently posed that question, a very good question with a lot of possible different answers. The best “value” in a plasma, waterjet, or laser machine depends on what is most “valuable” to you! A portion of the things you may esteem the most would be cost to buy the machine, working cost, cut quality, cut part exactness, or generation rate. So how about we investigate a portion of the contrasts between these three cutting procedures and look at how they may rate.

Cut Edge Quality

Slice edge quality alludes to the squareness of the completed edge, and in addition how much dross sticks to the base of the cut. The most astounding quality cut would generally be from Waterjet, which gives a square cut with no dross, and no penetrate splash.

Laser is a nearby second place, since it additionally yields a square cut, however on thicker gentle steel or on tempered steel it can abandon some dross and produces some laser machine. By examination with these two procedures, plasma cutting would have the least cut quality. Plasma will dependably have some edge incline edge and frequently causes some dross. It additionally creates substantially more penetrate scatter than laser, due to the bigger kerf width.

Cut Part Precision

Cut part accuracy is a proportion of the genuine coming about part measure contrasted with the customized part estimate, and furthermore incorporates thought of the kerf width, which decides how little of an inside shape can be cut. Warmth mutilation ought to likewise be considered, as it can divert from the completed part estimate and in addition cause the parts to twist. Once more, waterjet would be the best accuracy, ordinarily in the area of +/ – 0.005″, and having a kerf width around 0.035″. Waterjet additionally causes no warmth contortion.

Laser machine would be close second place, with run of the mill part measurements of +/ – 0.005″, and normal kerf width around 0.025″. In any case, laser can cause some warmth twisting, particularly on thicker plate. Once more, plasma comes in last place, having a regular part estimate resistance around +/ – 0.020″, and a run of the mill kerf width of around 0.150″. Plasma additionally makes some warmth twisting, which can be diminished by cutting submerged.


This criterion can’t be measured as effortlessly as something like expense or speed. In any case, it may be critical to consider the assortment of materials you can cut in your purchasing choice. Waterjet cutting is by a wide margin the most adaptable of these 3 cutting procedures, since it can cut any material. Laser machine is constrained to metallics, a few plastics and fiberglass, some texture. Plasma is the most constrained. It can just cut conductive metals, and is extremely down to earth for mellow steel, treated steel, and aluminum. Learn more.


There are numerous different things that could be considered, and considerably more precise appraisals accessible, yet this examination gives a fast review with relative evaluations for a portion of the things that individuals will esteem most in a CNC cutting framework. The outcome however, relies upon which criteria is most esteemed to you and your organization.



There is more to having the right equipment when starting this business at home. Surely, there will be a need for a CO2 laser engraving system (CO2 laser cutter, CO2 laser tube and laser machine), but you need more tips to keep you sailing. This is exactly what this article aims to achieve.


Do you own a CO2 laser engraver? Awesome! Do you know how to use it? If yes, how much do you know? Do you need to upgrade your skills? If you don’t have much knowledge about this, the business will suffer. This means you need to be on top of your game by knowing what you need to know about your machines and more. You need to learn how lasers work, the attachments needed for various applications, and what software is compatible with your laser engraving machine.


This is entirely your choice. You can decide if you want to rent or you want to buy, depending on your finances. Some people prefer to start by renting, then save up and buy theirs. This works well if you have limited funds and you don’t have equipment yet to start with. Others who are more financially buoyant would prefer to buy. Put in your mind however that this is a new business, and you wouldn’t want to be left with an expensive machine that would no longer have market value in the long run.


You can’t learn everything about the hobby laser in one day. Make sure though that no day passes you by without learning a new thing. Theory is entirely different from practical so it will take more time to learn the theory and put to practice. Be patient and invest quality time getting familiar with your machine before you advertise. Some aspects would still need to be learnt at various times through the business.


Get your niche as soon as possible.Laser engraving is a wildly popular service sought out by businesses, schools, government offices, and individuals for a variety of personal and business needs. You can engrave trophies, plaques, acrylic, fabric, MDF, glass, jewellery, leather, tile and more materials with a laser engraver.


You should have a workspace to operate a laser business at home. The location of your house will greatly determine the success of your business. The dynamics in rural areas will be entirely different from the dynamics in the urban areas. Make your customers your target. This means knowing your demographics.Even if you plan to start an online laser engraving business, you must know your target audience, which depends on what products you’re offering. Personalized gifts, corporate awards, and wedding gifts are just a few niches in this industry. Learn more.


If you follow these tips and advice, you can reap the benefits of owning and operating your own laser engraving business in the comfort of your home. It is really rewarding, and it gives you the option of taking care of your home and kids too.

Which CO2 Laser Tube Is Best – DC or RF?

If you’re attempting to decide between DC or RF the difference between the two are massive. To help you decide on the purchase, we will help you understand what these differences are. One of the first decisions you should make when buying a CO2 laser is the choice between either a DC or direct current or RF which is a radio occurrence laser. Please keep reading if you’re interested in learning about the differences, and hopefully, this will help you decide which one to install when you are purchasing your laser cutter.

Head to Head Comparison

You will notice when putting up a comparison to which laser is the most effective, you will see that there are different pros and cons to each laser. The cost of a DC laser is roughly 10% of that price of an RF laser. The tripping performance on both lasers will be maintained at a very high-quality rate. However, RF lasers are posted, some materials may not cut as cleanly. This is a parent when you’re working with our acrylics. Another big noticeable performance with lasers are that are of lasers create a smaller place size for the output. This small output will leave you with a finer engraving. Or a high perfection engraving he will want to choose a DC laser. Lastly, the endurance is also different. You’ll find that the RF laser usually lasts 4 to 5 times longer than the DC lasers.

Hobby Laser Electricity Vs DC

If you were to take and compare 100 WRF to 100 DC laser, then you will typically assume that both are identical with their use of energy. The electrical power is different in an RF electrical laser then it is with an RF laser. The RF electric power focuses the same energy into a more compact laser A smaller circumference size. The quality and stability of these beams are also increased. For a better-detailed edging of an RF, you can gain this. However, with a lower and more affordable option, a lot more cutting power will be done with the DC laser. So, to identify what would be a better decision is a CO2 laser tube with a DC tubing.

Boss Laser Beam Advantages

The boss laser is one of the most excellent North American companies which offer both DC and RF lasers. Their knowledge is slowly increasing in photonics and can help your customers select the right machine to the correct tubing. Whether you represent a large corporation or you are representing your self, you will find that the right CO2 laser cutter is closer than you think. More details.


In conclusion, you’ll find that a DC tubing laser is going to be better in the long run if you are expecting a more affordable laser machine. If you are looking for precision, then you should choose the RF laser as it has a smaller circumference size and is also better at getting more precise cuts. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide on which laser to bang you want to install. For more information, please research each type of laser thoroughly.

Three Things Every Photographer Needs In Their Car

If photography is how you make your living, then you’re used to do photoshoots outdoors. Maybe you focus on family sessions, where folks can capture moments with their loved ones outdoors. Or perhaps you love everything wild and free in nature, and want to see deer, turkeys, and other wild animals in action. No matter what you shoot, there’s nothing that compares with outdoor photography. If you are going to do it through, you need to be aware of what to keep in your car so you can shoot properly. Here are a few suggestions every photographer should take into consideration.

A Car Jack For Flats

Flat tires are no joke. It’s even worse when you’re working, and you’re supposed to be somewhere at a certain time. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get a scenic shoot before the sun goes down, or you have an appointment to meet with a family you are shooting for. Have a car jack to change flat tires, and you’ll never be left stranded in the middle of nowhere, waiting for someone else to help you. This is a bonus if you shoot in all kinds of weather, and don’t want to be out in the cold during winter.

Different Stands For Your Camera

There might be some cases where a handheld camera just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you want a stand, so you can take pictures from different angles, or play around with how something looks. In cases such as these, carry a camera stand (or a couple) with, depending on what you are trying to shoot, and what your goals are. You may find a new way to take pictures that works for your photography, and end up creating something beautiful in the process.

Blankets To Keep Everything Safe

Blankets provide extra protection for all your sensitive equipment. You can wrap items, and ensure that nothing gets damaged no matter where you are traveling to. Or, you can use them to lay your equipment on when you are outside, and need someplace solid, yet safe, to set everything down. Blankets can even be used in props, if you enjoy taking pictures of people or families, and need something fun and interesting to liven everything up. The best part is they don’t take up much space in your car, so there is plenty of room no matter how limited space is.

When you take pictures outdoors, it pays to be prepared. Make sure you carry a car jack, so you never have to worry about not being able to change a flat tire. It’s also helpful to have different stands for your camera, so you can try shooting in different settings. Finally, blankets are a go-to for just about anyone who shoots outdoors. You’ll have something to keep your equipment wrapped in, and you’ll never need to worry about not having a soft place to set your camera down on. No matter what you shoot, you’ll be ready no matter where you go, when you have these three items with you.

A Guide to Buying Your First Laser Cutter

For many, they love the idea of buying a CO2 laser cutter and it’s easy to see why. Laser cutters can be a great tool and there are thousands of little tasks that can be done also. However, if you aren’t really sure what you should be looking for in a cutter it can be a really difficult thing to buy. The problem is that there are lots of machines to choose from and choosing just one of them will take some real patience and know-how. Read on to find a brief guide to buy your first laser cutter.

How Effective Is The Laser Cutter?

Do you really want a machine that is just OK or want something that is going to be perfect? Ideally you want a machine that is going to do the job so you don’t have to worry about problems later. If the CO2 laser cutter isn’t really good or the quality isn’t at its best then it might be wise to look elsewhere. It’s not wise to buy something that is going to fail after a few uses as it can be a very costly investment. It’s very important to ensure the machine is one of the best so that you don’t have to worry about the quality issue.

Think about Size and Where It’s Going to Be Used

Do you know where the machine is going to be set up? If you have an idea as to where your machine is going to be placed then you need to think about whether the laser cutter you’re thinking about buying is suitable for the site. If it’s far too big you are going to have a few issues so it’s best to check on sizes before you buy. It’s the same if you aren’t sure where the machine is going to be placed. You have to ensure the size is right for your tasks as well as where it’s going to be placed. Read more.

How Costly Is The Machine?

Buying a CO2 laser cutter or indeed any laser cutting machine, it can be very, very costly! It can cost you thousands of dollars and that’s a real problem. It’s very important to ensure the machine you choose not only offers value for money but is also affordable. Far too many people don’t think about that and it’s very problematic to say the least. It’s really quite important to ensure the laser cutting machine is affordable for you and value for money at the same time. Most don’t think about it so it’s time to do so.

Buy With Care

It would be so simple to say one laser cutter is better than another but is it really? It’s never going to be easy to so say so you have to ensure you take a close look at all machines and see which is going to offer value for money. There are lots to choose from so you have to be very careful to say the least. It’s really very important to ensure you take very caution when buying laser cutters. You should buy a laser cutter when you feel it offers everything you need and more.

How to use Laser Cutters to get a better photo


When you have laser cutters, you can transform your old photos and you will even have the chance to save your photos for a much longer periods without them getting old and damaged. However, the one question that many people might have is how can you make sure of the right laser cutter in order to get better photos? Here are a few ways how you can create amazing reproductions of your photos onto different materials using laser cutters:

Cut the photos on other materials

To answer your question about how you can use a laser cutter to get better photos: You are cutting the image of the photo that you have onto other materials that are going to keep your photos much longer.

You can also use this method to make incredible wall art. You can cut the photos, using the laser cutting machine and then hang it on your wall  This makes it quiet unique, special, and long lasting. There are many materials that you can use and you can do this with any photo or picture that you might have.  Once great ability of the laser cutter is to laser engrave or etch images onto the material.  You can use one of the most popular programs for laser etching photos called:  PhotoGrav reviews.

Select the photo and the material and you are all set

If you have a laser machine, you will know for sure that there are many things that you can do with the machine and cutting photos is just one of them. For those who don’t have a laser cutter or have had one only had one for a short period of time, you will soon realize that there are endless possibilities to get the most out a laser cutter.  Learn more detailed updates at

For example, select the photo that you can to cut and, depending on the type of cutter you have, you feed it into the machine.  By selecting the type of material that you want to use, you are all set to cut the photo with the laser cutter. The only thing that you need to know is that when you are selecting the material, is that your laser cutter is able to cut through the material. Not all cutters can use all types of material for cutting. This can damage your cutter and is a waste a lot of money.


Need to have certain laser cutters for this

You need to make sure that you have the right type of laser machine for doing this type of work. And, if you are purchasing a laser cutter for cutting photos, you need to make sure that you have the right materials to match the machine’s capabilities.   Only those with the goal of buying the cheapest possible option will buy a laser direct from China.  Its best with these machines to buy local or regional due to support and warranty claims.  Check out Apa21 review of Thunder Laser here.

There are many different laser cutter companies with different prices, sizes, and power options.  Co2 powered machines offer great flexibility since they can engrave, cut, or mark almost any organic material.  But, there aren’t many that can crisply transform a photo onto different those same materials. This is why you should do as much research as possible before making your final decision.  Visit this link for more details.

Lasers cutters are getting more and more popular and not only with companies. There are many different things that you can do with your cutter. For example, you can cut photos on different materials and how to do it isn’t as hard as you might think. You should just make sure that you are getting the right type of cutter and material. The rest is easy and, before you know it, you will be using laser cutters for creating the most beautiful pictures on a vast array of interesting materials to bring your old, tired photos back to life.