Why Cheap Laser Engraving Machines are a Waste of Money

Looking to buy a laser engraving machine?  What’s your budget?  Thinking of buying a cheap one?  Are there problems associated with a more inexpensive laser engraving machine? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before investing your money one cheaper equipment.

What are laser engraving machines?

Laser engraving is one of the best technologies for craftspeople, DIY fans, and entrepreneurs.  The machines are used to transfer art, lettering, or design onto a versatile range of materials. There are limitless possibilities for what a laser engraver can create.

Buying a laser engraver machine should be excised with some caution. Why? Spending your hard earned cash for a cheaper model can end up costing you more or lower the quality of the engraving.  Nevertheless, not all laser engraving machines are made equal, and even the cheapest models cost a hundred dollars.  It’s crucial to undertake your purchase wisely in a high-quality machine that will last.

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Expensive Vs. Cheap Laser Engravers – What’s The Difference?

Laser engraving machines are available at a wide range of prices. What accounts for these massive differences in prices?  High end laser engravers are compatible with most types of software and design files important. An expressive piece contains durable parts and won’t break often.  Additionally, they use potent lasers that can cut through diverse material, performing at a precise and fast speed.

The high-end laser engraving system comes with a comprehensive service package and manufacturer warranties that protect a user from costly repairs in case of significant malfunction. It also comes with convenient and useful features making it easier to operate.

Foreign factories mostly make cheaper laser engravers; low-skill workers cobble together and make of cheap plastic materials. Most of the parts are often 3D printed from low-cost plastic, and a weaker laser is used to save on costs.

A cheaper doesn’t come with a warranty, rarely supplies replacement parts in case of breakdown or significant malfunction.  They end up using more inexpensive alternative design software, and the end design work is below average. 

What Are The Most Common Issues With Cheap Laser Engraving Machines?

A cheaper laser engraver will break no sooner, and more shortcomings include:

  • Doesn’t cut some material,
  • Laser not powerful enough,
  • Laser Not Powerful Enough
  • Laser Produces Excessive Scorching
  • Software, Incompatible with Life
  • Laser Engraver Breaks Constantly

Should You Buy A Cheap Laser Engraving Machine?

The first step to realizing the truth about cost verse quality! A laser engraver is a very sophisticated piece of machine, and you shouldn’t expect a great result from a cheaper technology. You can still get quality laser engraving through renting or collective ownership.  Paying by the hour to use high quality laser engraver is smart rather than buying a cheaper machine.

Renting allows you to access genuine, the start of the art machine with full compatibility and all the features needed to handle any engraving for just a few bucks an hour.


Deciding on how much to spend on laser engraving machine comes down to a question of cost verse quality. Another user’s a thing of price versus value, and just because a device is inexpensive, doesn’t mean it’s worth your hard-earned money. A high quality laser engraver results in excellent engraving, and you will never want to consider cheap one again. For more details read our article: http://www.ryleehitchnerphotography.com/what-is-a-laser-cutter-and-how-does-it-work/